Our Vision

Making your life artful

Our vision comes from the firm belief that every human being has a special artistic ability.
No matter if you are the elegant dancer, the creative baker, the hobby singer, the exquisite chef or the ingenious painter.

YOU all create ART and we love it!

Our Values

We celebrate diversity and individuality.
We are thrilled by human ingenuity and creativity.
We’re not all the same. And that makes the world so beautiful. It’s the great artists who broke the rules by creating these great artworks and changed our perspectives.

Instead of pure existence, an artful life guides us to a happier and more fulfilling life, in which we give free rein to our creativity and shape our daily existence according to our passion.

Artsocks are more than just socks with art patterns.
It is the soul of the exceptional artists who embrace your feet and cast their spell on you. Feel this magic and let it carry you into the world of art.

It all started in Armenia

By following our passion to create art, we had the deep desire to create an accessory that connects us with it every day.
This was literally the beginning of a new movement of art.

We took a boring everyday accessory and combined it with artwork. It resulted in a fashionable piece of art for your everyday life.

With our Artsocks you turn your life into a work of art.
Each of our socks stands for a message for a more positive and happier lifestyle.

Now you can wear these artworks, feel their values and be part of this new movement of art!

Our production facility is located in Armenia. Every day our excellent tailors dedicate themselves to their passion and create these beautiful and colorful Artsocks.

Our Production

They are made from the best combed cotton and carefully wrapped by hand for you.
Our goal is to produce products that are as sustainable and environment friendly as possible.

Our planet is important to us. We make sure that our textile suppliers are certified and meet the high standards we set for ourselves.